Come experience the magic of improv comedy!

OSHA Approved show poster.

OSHA Approved

Fri Sep 22 2023

A comedy compliant improv show. Remember, look left and right twice before crossing the street, and always wear your seatbelts
Mission Improvable show poster.

Mission Improvable

Fri Sep 08 2023

A spy themed improv show. Come see the agents of NPP in our first show of the year!
Clue show poster.


Tue May 02 2023

A mystery show based on the classic board game. Who dunnit?
Carnival show poster.


Fri Apr 14 2023

A classic carnival show full of fun, games, and aquatic shenangingans.
Stephen's Magic Show show poster.

Stephen's Magic Show

Fri Mar 24 2023

A magic show like no other, because it's actually an improv show.
Plunder Your Booty show poster.

Plunder Your Booty

Sat Feb 18 2023

Board the Valentine, cross the hub and spoke seas, and find Loverbeard's treasure.
Barnyard show poster.


Fri Jan 27 2023

Welcome back to the barnyard.

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