Beast Bird Fish

Fri Aug 18 2023

One person is in the center of a circle and walks up to people saying “Beast, Bird, Fish, XXX, 1, 2, 3....10” (XXX being beast, bird, or fish). The person being questioned must then name something in that category before the asker reaches 10, otherwise they are in the center.


  1. You cannot repeat anything that has been said already, in which case everyone goes “No free lunch!” and the person goes into the middle.
  2. A beast is anything that moves on land, a bird is anything that moves in air, a fish is anything that moves in water.
  3. Halfway into the game, “Infinity mode” is called. Now, XXX can be any category the person wants.
  4. No free lunches transfer between categories (eg. fruit: orange, color: orange would warrant a no free lunch).
  5. If the category is very niche the person that failed to guess can ask the asker to “Name two”, and if the asker cannot they stay in the middle